Exercises for herniated discs you can do in 10 minutes

Ana Serrano By: Ana Serrano

Having herniated discs involves acute pain that may even incapacitate you. This discomfort may be accompanied by tingling, sciatica or loss of sensation.

Therefore, specialists have designed a series of exercises that will help release the tension caused by this protrusion. There are generally exercises indicated for each phase or type of disc herniation, since not all of them manifest in the same way.

Simple and practical positions to treat herniated discs

  • Balasana or child’s pose: sit on your knees with your buttocks on your heels, go down keeping your back straight until your forehead is on the floor, and extend your arms forward.
Balasana or child's pose
  • Cat-cow pose: stand on the floor on hands and knees, arch your back like a cat, raising it while you bow your head and compress your abs; and when exhaling it reverses the posture raising the head and the pelvis.
Cat-cow pose
  • Knee on chest: lie on your back with your legs extended and proceed to flex one of your legs bringing the knee to your chest, you can stay like this or increase the stretch by bringing the same foot towards the shoulder to form a triangle.

Hold the chosen position for several seconds making sure you breathe deeply, and perform the exercise with each leg. Perform between 10 to 15 repetitions.These postures strengthen the muscles and joints, prevent stiffness of the vertebrae, provide relief and relocate the discs. It is important that the exercises are performed under medical indications, since it is they who have the power to decide which are the most convenient methods according to your specific case.

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