How to improve back pain

Ana Serrano By: Ana Serrano

There is a bad habit of going to the healthcare professional once back pain has been established in our lives and we cannot develop daily activities normally. Then we look for an urgent solution …

In those cases, we usually ask the doctor about the possible physical cause of the pain we suffer. But what if after the examination and diagnostic tests there is no significant cause to attribute the pain? What can you do then to relieve it?

It may shock that there is not always a direct correlation between pain and pathology. Well, there can be pain without having an injury. If this is the case, we should ask ourselves if we are listening to our body and if we know how our day to day is causing the pain.

Be careful with stress and bad habits

Stressed people tend to shrug their shoulders, bow their heads, make excessive use of the neck muscles and take a quick, shallow breath. A cocktail that harms the entire musculoskeletal system.

In addition there are other factors that predispose to the appearance of low back pain. Among them are sedentary life, bad postures, bipedal position and stress maintained over time, one of the greatest enemies of our health and especially back.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

The evolution of the human being has caused our spine to be forced to bear the weight that the arms and legs were distributed ancestral when moving on the four limbs.

Therefore, we suffer with static postures and we must avoid doing multiple breaks in order to prevent mental and physical fatigue.

Do preventive exercises

We need tools that allow us to manage worries, routine and work stress. The best option is physical exercise. Dedicating a minimum of 45 minutes to our bodily well-being is highly recommended.Within our reach we have multiple exercises that give movement to our spine and prevent lumbar problems, and if we already have discomfort, they will decrease them. Performing therapeutic exercise can also become a tool to manage stress and disconnect.

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