Methods for sciatica: Advantages and Disadvantages

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If you suffer from sciatic pain we present several methods, devices and exercises to relieve and/or treat your condition.


1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture works to relieve sciatic pain. The probability that this condition is corrected with this method is low. When small acupuncture needles are inserted there is the arrival of blood and energy at that point and will carry substances that will reduce inflammation. Muscle relaxation is also going to occur just by putting a needle in a muscle.


  • Acupuncture is a natural method that comes from oriental medicine.
  • It is quite accessible.
  • It blocks the pain.


  • You need several regular sessions to relieve pain.
  • If you go to a specialist who is not certified, you may run the risk of getting an infection, or that it hurts you even more.
  • The effectiveness of acupuncture may decrease as time passes.

Investment: The price of the sessions starts from $ 25.00 USDWhere to go? Search online for certified specialists in your area that you can go to.

Cordus & Sacrus

2. Cordus & Sacrus

Cordus and Sacrus are simple non-invasive devices that can correct many spinal problems, including sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis, among others. They work with the method of self-gravitation, that is, they use their own body weight and that is why they are able to stimulate the deeper intervertebral muscles, and thus facilitate the regeneration of the intervertebral discs. 


  • It is an accessible Investment, which helps to avoid surgeries.
  • Can be used at home.
  • The pain decreases from the first use.
  • Correct the problem from its origin and not just the symptom.


  • You must spend half an hour to read a manual.
  • The device looks too simple, so its effectiveness causes doubts about its effectiveness.
  • It is not a product found in any orthopedic store.

 Investment: The cost of Cordus or Sacrus ranges from $ 89 USDWhere to buy? Get both in


3. BeActive

Be Active knee pads are designed to relieve sciatica. According to user opinions, the possibility of this tool working is 50 or 40%. You can wear it under your clothes to avoid pain in your daily activities.


  • Its use is very simple.
  • You can exercise and your normal activities while using it.
  • Can be used at home.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • It only relieves pain while you are using it.
  • It does not give any therapeutic effect since it does not treat the true cause of pain.

Investment: The price varies, but starts at $ 13 USD.Where to buy it?

Inversion tables

4. Inversion tables

The Inversion tables base their therapeutic action on the traction method, which is the stretching along the spine. According to the providers, with the continuous use they increase the space between each of the vertebrae, a function that, in some cases, can be useful in sciatica treatments. It is a non-invasive method.


  • Relieves backaches and muscle contractures.
  • They are effective for stretching the spine.
  • Can be used at home.
  • It reduces stress and helps you rest better.


  • They don’t work the specific damaged area. The weakest areas are stretched first and weaken them further (which may have side effects). A large number of sessions are required to achieve relaxation of the spasmated areas.
  • You stay upside down for a while and this for some becomes very annoying/uncomfortable.


The price of the investment tables varies depending on several factors: quality, safety, guarantee, etc. The most basic are at $ 130 USD and the most complete can reach $ 320 USD.

Where to buy? 

In Amazon you can find a wide variety of inversion tables, from the simplest to the multifunctional. Also in pages of this type you can know the negative opinions of users and thus choose the most appropriate.


5. Solidback

This device has a crescent shape and adapts to the contour of the spine.Work through decompression, which will relieve pressure on the spine. This device is not usually very helpful in relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. In addition to the pressure it provides does not have a high degree of therapeutic effect.


  • Creating space between the vertebrae helps relieve stress on the back discs.
  • Can be used at home.
  • It is not an invasive treatment.
  • It serves to relax the muscles of the lower back.


  • It is only a complement to other therapies such as chiropractic or massage.
  • It does not work at a specific point, which reduces the therapeutic effect.
  • Its size may be too large or too small for some people.
  • If the cause of pain is in the sacrum, it is not functional.

Investment: The price of this device ranges from $ 28.00 USDWhere to buy? In the offical website


6. Nubax

Nubax is a device that strengthens the spine and maintains back health. It can be functional for sciatica. This device uses the same therapeutic action as all traction devices to treat the spine.


  • It is a non-invasive method.
  • The pain is usually relieved during use.
  • Can be used at home.
  • They are effective for stretching the spine.
  • It reduces stress and helps you rest better.


  • Like all methods of this type, begin to act with weaker muscles, which causes them to weaken even more and you may have counterproductive reactions.
  • It is not functional if the cause of sciatica is in the sacrum area.
  • There is no correct position, each person adjusts to how they feel, which can have serious consequences.

Investment: This device costs $ 309 USDWhere to buy?: In the official website


7. JBIT MedPro

The JBit MedPro is a belt that strengthens the muscles of the legs and abdomen, offers natural relief in the joints. The belt is adjusted in the lower back by pressing on the spine, aligning it and working in tandem with the legs that hold the legs to correct the posture, which directly attacks the back pain.


  • Help in the relief of pain in shoulders, back, hip, knee and sciatica
  • It is a good muscle reactivator.


  • His real strength is knee pain relief.
  • It does not work if the pain originates in the sacrum area.
  • Can be used at home.
  • In some cases it can become uncomfortable.

Investment: The price of this device starts at $ 279 USD.Where to buy?


8. Vertetrac

Vertetrac is the combination of a decompression system and a traction system. Although its therapeutic function is very similar to that of all traction devices used to treat injuries and disorders of the spine, including: back pain, scoliosis, sports injuries, herniated discs and sciatica.


  • The sessions don’t last beyond 30 minutes.
  • The use of this device is safe, as long as you set it correctly.   


  • It is a method that is more recommended for the use of medical professionals and specialists, since the cost is very high.
  • The first adjustment must be supervised by a specialist.
  • It does not help to relieve sciatica if the origin is in the sacrum area.

Investment: The cost of this device ranges from $ 1,295.00 USD.Where to buy?: In the official website

Therapeutic massage

9. Therapeutic massage 

Professional therapeutic massages are a popular method to treat backaches. Massages turn out to be ineffective in alleviating the problem of sciatica, although there must be really talented specialists who can correct the condition. So, it is best to find a true specialist or otherwise, you could fall for a scam and result in serious injuries.


  • They help you relax and reduce stress.
  • Stimulates circulation and contributes to blood oxygenation.
  • They favor sleep.


  • Efficiency is limited for those suffering from sciatic pain.
  • They are more a complement to the main treatment.
  • The minimum number of sessions you require to see the result is 5 to 8 sessions.

Investment: The price per massage session ranges from $ 20.00 – $ 70.00 USD per sessionWhere to go? Search the internet for qualified physiotherapists that are in your possibilities.


10. Chiropractic

It is also one of the most popular and at the same time one of the most confusing method because the treatment can be very mild or very aggressive, so it can be dangerous sometimes. Although many of them say they help with sciatica, the result depends a lot on the specialist.


  • The specialist eliminates pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • The vertebrae of the lumbar or sacrum are repositioned so that the problem does not return immediately.


  • You must find a talented specialist, and this is really difficult, since instead of helping you, it can aggravate your problem.
  • The sessions have to be consecutive or else the problem will return.

Investment: The price per session may vary, but the average range is from $ 30.00 USD – $ 60.00 USDWhere to go? Search for certified specialists who are close to you and according to your possibilities.

 Therapeutic yoga

11. Therapeutic yoga

Yoga can be useful to relieve sciatic pain because certain postures are used to relax and stretch the muscles involved. In addition, it increases the strength of the lower back muscles.


  • By performing the typical stretching of yoga, space is generated between the vertebrae of the lower back and the sciatic nerve is released from compression.
  • It helps you relax while doing a physical activity.


  • Doesn’t work in specific areas
  • The time it takes to achieve a therapeutic effect is much longer and the personal supervision of an specialized teacher is necessary.
  • It is not functional to relieve pain at the moment. After a pain crisis, you must wait 24 to 72 hours to practice it and not aggravate the pain.

Investment: Prices vary depending on whether you want ones session or classes per week but the price range is more or less like this, from $ 27 USD to $ 50 USD for 3 classes a week for a month. Or from $ 9.00 USD to $ 15.00 USD per session.Where to practice? There is a diversity of studies and gyms where these classes are taught, know them and ask if they have a teacher specialized in spinal conditions.


12. Pilates

Pilates are a good exercise to improve the stability of the lower back, abdomen and pelvis. Like yoga, it does not focus on a specific area, so it can only be said that it helps with sciatica.


  • There are exercise routines that help stretch the muscles and thus remove pressure from the sciatic nerve.
  • It is a mild physical activity and can be practiced by elderly people.


  • Pilates alone does not relieve sciatic pain
  • To practice it at home you must go to a qualified expert to learn the techniques to not aggravate the symptoms.
  • You should avoid hip flexion exercises with your knee stretched, as it can create pressure.

Investment: One month classes from $ 30.00 USD to $ 79.00 USD


13. Injectionts

Steroid injections are a frequent option for the treatment of sciatic pain and for many forms of low back pain and leg pain. They are effective in pain relief.


  • It provides an almost immediate analgesic effect.
  • It produces enough relief to allow the patient to improve with a conditioning and exercise program.


  • Epidural injection is used in combination with a comprehensive rehabilitation program to provide an additional benefit.
  • Injection alone does not help correct the true cause of sciatica.
  • The use of injections can often have very negative effects

Investment: The price of a single injection goes from $ 550.00 USD

Where to go?

These types of treatments must be applied in specialized clinics and with certified doctors. Find an option near you.


14. Surgery

Sciatica surgery is recommended in a minimum of cases. Urgent surgery is really necessary if the patient experiences weakness in the legs or incontinence in the intestines or urinary tract.

Try to make surgery your last option, consider it when none of the previous remedies have worked for you to relieve sciatica or if your pain has lasted a long time or if instead of reducing it only increases.


  • Generally, relief is faster.
  • In certain cases, mobility recovers 100%


  • It is a 100% invasive method.
  • You should keep rest and a special diet during recovery.
  • Every surgery, especially if it is a spine, has some risks.
  • There is a possibility that the symptoms may return at some point.

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